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In 1921, John T. and Vina Mae Hawkins sought to fill a void in their community of Keene, Ky and they opened a funeral home to take care of their friends and family in their greatest time of need.

They moved to Lexington and the business became widely known across the state.  From 1926 to 1935, the funeral home was located on Patterson St. In 1936, they built a building that had an office, chapel and embalming room; it was the first and only funeral home in this area of its kind.

After the death of John T. (1949) and Mrs. Vina Mae (1965), the business was taken to greater heights by their daughter Ann Hawkins  and her husband Walter B. Taylor, maintaining the excellence and professionalism started by her parents. 

After the death of  Ann Hawkins Taylor (1984) and running the funeral home for several years on his own, Walter Taylor handed the reins of the business to his son in the fall of 1990.   Proud of his name and his heritage, Rev. John C. Hawkins Taylor has pledged to carry on the family business with the same excellent service that his grandparents and parents rendered to the community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The family that has run this sacred place filled with love, tears, hugs, hellos and final farewells has always been known for superior, dedicated service.  Taking care of the needs of your family goes beyond the cemetery. This is what the families who have chosen  Hawkins-Taylor Funeral Home have come to expect -  AFFORDABLE FUNERALS, QUALITY SERVICE, SUPERIOR PROFESSIONALISM, DEDICATION, COMPASSION, AND UNDERSTANDING

Rev. John Clark Hawkins Taylor

Rev. John Clark Hawkins Taylor, Owner / Funeral Director

Rev. John Clark Hawkins Taylor was born Nov 21, 1966. He is the son of the late Deacon Walter B. Taylor Sr. and Ann T. Hawkins Taylor. He is a graduate of Bryan Station High School and Mid-America College of Funeral Service.Since the fall of 1990 he proudly serves as third generation owner of Hawkins-Taylor Funeral Home, the oldest African American business in Lexington, Kentucky. He is also the Pastor of an exciting, growing congregation the West Bend Baptist Church, Clay City ,Kentucky.He is the father of six children, and a number of grand children. He is proud of his legacy and grateful for his heritage, he has pledged to carry on his family’s business with the same excellence in service that the community of central Kentucky has come to know.